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Feb 2, 2013 12:10pm EST
. later this week president obama will be awarding him the national medal of science for his achievement in physics. dr. james gates. [applause] two years ago, and that just two years ago, this woman has turned around a workplace into a full-time job. please welcome janice in caroline county and melissa jones harris. [applause] within the heart of every individual is a spirit and a dignity that yearns to be recognized. 12 months ago outside, the officially recognized for the first time in 380 years, the people in a ceremony that none of us will soon forget. please welcome the tribe. [applause] thank you for being here. we're also joined by someone who found himself doing the job of a city manager. when his own home was flooded, he set aside his personal needs an extended her day and night to help the families in the cities through the crisis. mayor p.j. mayor? [applause] my fellow marylanders, the story of dr. gates, the story of janice and melissa, the people, the mayor, the sacrifice of our fallen heroes, these are our stories, the stories of courage and her samaritans. it
Feb 9, 2013 12:25pm EST
federal reimbursement rates decrease. i will not allow obama care to become a bait and switch. [applause]second, we will allow hospitals and health providers to assess a fee upon themselves, using that revenue to leverage federal assistance. this is already done in 47 states. it is also going on in the city of phoenix and under consideration in other cities across arizona. we can assure that our state general fund, there is no cost in expanding medicaid. [applause]this does not mean it is free money. we know there is no such thing. i am as much of a federal deficit hawk is anyone in this chamber. arizona's medicaid program access is not the problem. it is part of the solution, as the nationally recognized old standard for cost effective care in this country -- gold standard for cost effective care in this country. i will weigh the evidence, and do the math. with derail it is facing us, taking advantage of this federal assistance is a strategic way to reduce pressure on the state budget. we can improve arizona's ability to compete in the years ahead. [applause]i am committed to
Feb 9, 2013 11:45am EST
union is strong. next tuesday, president obama -- >> tuesday, president obama delivers his state of the union address, followed by the gop response and your reaction. the state of the union, tuesday night on c-span, c-span radio and an historian on mary todd lincoln. >> three of her four children died. one in the white house, one shortly after her husband nick -- assassination. the kind of grief this woman was going through was amazing, and the folks demonized her for that, thought she was crazy. we found out she was not crazy, but mary todd was a significant person and hopefully someday we get a view of the range range of things that impacted her life, not just the tragedy. >> c-span's new series examining the public and private lives of the women that served as first lady with seizing one beginning on but mary todd was a significant person and hopefully someday we get a view of the range range of things that impacted her life, not just the tragedy. at 9:00 p.m. eastern pacific -- eastern. >> today, state of the state addresses from governors around the country. first,
Feb 2, 2013 11:20am EST
deficit, and that means 350 million more to pay for obama- care next year. that is not us, that is not south carolina. the federal government likes to wait around a $9 match like is a symbol or bullets. -- like it is a silver bullet. what good are any dollars when they come through a program that does not allow us the flexibility to make the decisions that are in the best interest of the people of south carolina. in the end, i cannot support this expansion for a very simple reason. as long as i am governor of south carolina i will not implement the public policy disaster that is obamacare medicaid expansion. instead we need to improve health care. and we will. we are taking a lead in payment reform. this year alone, over $40 million of payments are tied to performance. which means better outcomes for patients and south carolina tax payers. we are asking beneficiaries to become more engaged in their health. if a patient does not follow a dr.'s advice to stop smoking or does not take their medication, we end up spending more money than necessary. more importantly they will never get heal
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4